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Free Softwareโ€ฆ

I contribute to Postgres and I'm an Apache committer on projects httpd and subversion.

Miscellaneous stuff as zx80 on GitHub:

  • JSON Model: JSON validation (with Claire).
  • FlaskSimpleAuth: The Secure Flask Framework.
  • FlaskTester: Pytest fixtures for Flask internal and external authenticated tests.
  • CachetoolsUtils: Python cache helpers on top of CacheTools
  • ProxyPatternPool: Proxy and Pool Classes for Python
  • AnoDB: Wrapper around AioSQL and a database connection.
  • AioSQL (maintainer): YeSQL for Python (with Will Vaughn).
  • PgComparator: database contents comparison.
  • โ€ฆ

PIPS Interprocedural Scientific Program Parallelizer (with many).